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Soon Come, Adventures in Art

Soon Come

Art by Jeorge Asare-Djan; Poem by Silent Pen

In May I began a new painting, the product of the meeting of minds with an old friend, Trevor, an activist, conscious soul and lapsed spoken word poet. We had collaborated before on an artist product a decade prior of words and…


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Summer Solstice Workshop

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Angel workshop at Eltham Spiritualist church on the Summer Solstice. It proved to be a special day for many reasons and wouldn’t have been the same without the individuals who attended.

The Summer Solstice is a very auspicious time to connect with nature and the Angels, and they where certainly…


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Third Times A Charm At Eltham

The Eltham Angel workshop group, and a strange chap wearing a pair of golden wings!

On Saturday the 25th May I returned once again to Eltham Church, the third time in three years, and once again had a fabulous time in the company of the Angels and physical attendees. We had a mix of old and new faces on the day, with the…


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Winter and Spring, Wheel of Change Newsletter

A Faerie at the Olympic Games next to a flag bearer, check out the full image in the Olympic blog!

As we move into the new year, at the start of a new circle and the old one comes to an end, we find ourselves at an interesting period of change and reflection, it’s not only the end and start of a new year, but also the…


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A Dream of Angels on Mid Summers Night Eve

This Summer on the 23rd of June, on Mid summers Night Eve, I took a trip to Guildford and it’s surrounding areas of Dunsfold and Hambledon Forest, taking in the beauty and history of the environment by day with a friend, walking through golden meadows, green and muddy forests enclosures, visiting medieval churches and ancient cottages. While later after…


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Harry Hill’s Faerie Friends

On a late Thursday Evening in June I attended a comedy gig at Clapham Junction and got a little bit more than I bargained for, as whilst there my camera saw more then what the average eye could spy, and that turned out to be a lot more than just lampooning comics prancing about on stage….there were lights, and luminous colours, a diminutive green attired faerie…


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The Summer & Solar Eclipse Newsletter

Hi Guys, during this spring I’ve been busy, very busy ( as usual ) doing a whole load of stuff, from facilitating a great Angel workshop at Rochester Temple in Camden Town, to giving my first private readings and working on my long talked about and long awaited online store. After over a month and a half of development and research, the online store is finally ready…


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Camden Workshop & Angels

A River Spirit saying "Hello" on Camden Lock.

On March 10th, I held a workshop on Angels at Rochester Square Temple, a small and beautiful little Spiritualist church located in the heart of Camden Town. Rochester Square is a great little Church with a lot of character and history, it was actually founded and built…


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Christmas Newsletter

The Little Man of Moor How in the Lake District says “Hello & Merry Christmas”


Hi Everyone,


Season’s Greetings to you all and your families. This is the first of a…


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The Angel Ladies Of Eltham


On  Saturday the 24th September, I was invited to do a workshop on Angels at Eltham Spiritualist Church, which turned out to be a fabulous event. It was well attended, 14 attendees to the count, the location was great, Eltham SC is a beautiful little yellow and blue chapel, newly redecorated and full of character.


There was one…


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Angelic Presence Witnessed At Talk In Romford?

In the first week in August I did a talk and workshop on Angels. The talk on Wednesday 3rd and the workshop on Saturday 6th August. It was touch on go as to whether they would take place, especially the talk, which was to take place in Romford, Essex. With my broken foot in a cast / walking boot, there was no way how I could have gotten all of my equipment up there without a ride.


After much searching I was able to get a ride from an old friend with a…


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Mediumship & Working With Spirit

I recently had the privilege of serving two Churches in late May ( 29th ) and earlier June ( 5th ) as a medium. The first was at Woodford Spiritualist Church, where I was booked months in advance, and second at North London Church, which saw me step in for a friend, with little time for preparation.


Both went fabulously well, and I am really pleased I did them as it was a great way to serve Spirit. It’s not something that I would have chosen to do on my…


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Weekly Angel Message

This week's Angel message comes from Archangel Michael 

Archangel Michael brings our angel message for this

week ~ "Detach From The Situation".…


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July's Angel Guidance




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Photographing the Angelic Realm


This lecture took place on Thursday 10th of March at the Theosophical Society headquarters in London, Baker Street, and proved to be a huge success. This was the second time I had been invited to do a talk there by the Blavatsky Lodge and like the first time the event was very well attended.


I was a little nervous and worried about…


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The Magic of Gower part 1 : The Llangennith Faerie Lass

The Llangennith Faerie lass ( 9-10 / Sep / 2010 )

I had a wonderful time in Gower. This was the first leg of my planned two trips to Wales.I stayed in Llangennith, with easy access to the Beaches, which were magnificent, they don’t call Rhossili and Llangennith beach a surfers paradise for nothing.

The idea was to spend five days in both the…


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The Magic of Gower part 2 / Adventure on Burry Holmes Island

Adventure on Burry Holmes Island ( 11 / Sep / 2010 )

The following day proved to be an eventful one. The weather was gloriously sunny and perfect for a visit to the beach. I left around midday on foot, and walked along narrow country lanes down towards the beach. Half way along I took a walkers path through a small wood and up a hill side. I…


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