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Angelic Presence Witnessed At Talk In Romford?

In the first week in August I did a talk and workshop on Angels. The talk on Wednesday 3rd and the workshop on Saturday 6th August. It was touch on go as to whether they would take place, especially the talk, which was to take place in Romford, Essex. With my broken foot in a cast / walking boot, there was no way how I could have gotten all of my equipment up there without a ride.


After much searching I was able to get a ride from an old friend with a van. A big thanks goes to Malachy and his over crowded white van, without whom the Romford talk wouldn’t have been possible. This was my second talk at the Romford ISM ( Institute of Spiritualist Mediums ) branch. It was good to be back there, and it turned out to be a very memorable event. And despite my concerns about my broken foot, I found it very easy going. Infact something special happened on that day, and the presence of the Angels was vey strong in that space. Some of the audience members may even have witnessed their presence. Have a look at this short footage taken from the Q&A to see what I mean.


People have previously told me after my lectures that they have sensed or seen a ‘Spiritual presence’ at my talks, while the slides of Angelic photographs were been shown. But this was the first time someone had mentioned that they might have seen something during the recording of the Q&A.


You can read my thoughts on the matter first or view the short footage from the Q&A before hand. This is the raw footage, I may add some photos of the Trafalgar square Angel I talk about in the footage as well as some examples Angels “raying out”, but this will be at a much later date ( too busy at the moment ).



My thoughts on the matter


My first thought on been told that bands of colours could be seen by some, was that the projector must have malfunctioned in some way, and that was a big worry as I was recording the lecture ( you don’t want bands all over the recordings ). However as the conversation went on, it became clear that they were seeing these bands of colours not only over the projected image but extended beyond the six foot screen on either side by some degree, which is beyond the projectors focal length.


Also I always do a dummy run before starting, and everything seemed fine. I also had two camcorders recording the lecture, one straight on, the other on the far left of the room, and both recordings were unaffected. I’ve even checked the projector since then and the quality of the projection is perfect. The image has a small light grey bounding box that surrounds the image and marks the extent of the projection. All of this, image and bounding box was sharp and clear and much smaller then the canvas screen it was projected unto.


I’ve also compared them to other lectures I’ve recorded over the years at similar venues and can’t see any difference in comparison. They all have a slight flickering effect where the images are projected onto the screen, but nothing like the vertical bands of colour sections of this audience seems to be describing
( watch the first speakers hands ), nor anything extending off the canvas screen. Infact the slight flickering noticeable on all the recordings made over the years, is mainly due to my camcorder’s limitations of dealing with low level lighting then it is the projector itself directly, this kind of grainy flicker can even be noticed on the Q&A footage where there is considerably more light.


The other odd thing is that approximately one-third of the audience saw the bands vividly, so why didn’t the other two-thirds notice them? If it was an obvious mechanical fault of some sort with the projector or something else in the room ( what else in the room could produce that effect I couldn’t image ), then shouldn’t more or less everyone have noticed it at some point during the one hour long lecture? Another curiosity is that most of those who saw the bands, claimed to be clairvoyant. The lady asking the question to see how many who saw the colours might be clairvoyant / mediumistic, clearly did so because she thought there was a similarity between the bands of colours she saw here and experiences she would consider to be clairvoyant.


From my point of view, the audience’s reaction is interesting. What they are describing is very similar to the way Angelic forces can be seen radiating out energies. They are sometimes seen “beaming down” or “raying out” energies from their bodies over specific areas. It sounds very strange I know, but they tend to do this when working with people, sacred spaces and earth energy centres ( layline energy points, major and minor ). Sometimes the rays have a solid bright intensive quality, at other times colours in streams can clearly be seen. I point out in the footage that I called for and was aware of an Angelic presence working with me, which I felt but couldn’t see, I stand by that.


If what some of the audience saw is actually phenomena, then it wasn’t so much the Angel they saw but the Angels radiations or the lower part of the downward energy emissions that generates the ‘seamless garment’ effect that was experienced. The main body of the Angel from what they describe would most likely be hovering near the ceiling or outside above the building. There may have been more than one presence in operation, or one fairly large one, my feeling is that the energies were produced in the main by one large prominent force, however there were other ‘beings’ there as well.


I can’t prove that the presence I felt is directly connected to what some of the audience thought they saw, however I think it’s intriguing. Apart from it possibly being some sort of mechanical fault generating the bands of colour or it being the result of an Angel “raying out” streams of energy in waves of colour
( frequencies? ), there is another possibility that comes to mind. That this might simply be an example of some sort of mass hysteria occurrence, or in other words, it was all in their heads and they were kind of a bit ‘mental’ in that moment.


I think this is unlikely, and I also have issues with the equipment fault option for the reasons mentioned above. Having said that I am still open to the possibility that this route of enquiry could lead to a plausible explanation, eventhough I can’t quite see how at present. At the same time I have to say I honestly find the possibility that the audience were seeing the energies of the Angelic presence I felt, quite compelling.


One thing I am certain of is that there was an Angel present working with me on that day and there were Angelic energies radiated around were I was standing, blessing the proceedings and allowing me to express myself in a free and unhindered manner. The question is did some of the audiences also see what was going on? Were they seeing the energies of an Angel? See what you think.

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