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A River Spirit saying "Hello" on Camden Lock.

On March 10th, I held a workshop on Angels at Rochester Square Temple, a small and beautiful little Spiritualist church located in the heart of Camden Town. Rochester Square is a great little Church with a lot of character and history, it was actually founded and built by the late Sir Conan Doyle the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels. It’s not commonly known but Conan Doyle was a great believer in the continuation of the spirit beyond physical death and was heavy involved with the early Spiritualist movement in the early 1900’s.


We had seven wonderful people that attended. I have to thank them all for their wonderful energies and individual outlooks which they bought to the workshop. Each workshop is always unique and different because of the individuals involved and this one was no different. It was probably the most diverse group of people I’ve had so far, with a variety of different ethic and cultural groups present, as well as coming from so many different Spiritual disciplines.


We had Fatima a Muslim psychic reader of French / Algerian origins. Maria Ming, a life coach and Reiki practitioner, Melody & Friend, both Spiritual artists. Egypt a film maker and photographer, Jimmy Woods, and Laurie Osborne, who came all the way from Portsmouth to attend the workshop.

Image of the inside of Rochester Square Temple after workshop, notice a friendly spirit light floating in the room.

Close up of Spirit Guest captured after workshop ( you can see it next to the yellow star against
the dark blue square ).


I have to say I love Rochester Square, it’s a very unique and eccentric church, it has a loving atmosphere, however it’s scheduled events rarely happen on time and my Angel workshop was no exception to this rule. When I got there around 11.30am for the 12 noon start, there was only one person there for the workshop, Laurie who had travelled all the way from Portsmouth and had arrived at the Church for an hour earlier, he was just glad that I had arrived, so that he didn’t have a wasted journey. For a longest time it looked as if there was only going to be myself Laurie and Jimmy Woods ( who’s on the committee of the Church and opened up for us ). It was around 12.30 before anyone else turned up, and soon after that they all turned up, more or less at the same time!


Doing workshops you never know who’s going to turn up, you can have 5, 15 or 25 turn up, but with Rochester it’s a bit different, they don’t have the same sense of time keeping as most, so where you think only 2 will be present you can end with a further five turning up over half an hour later. But no matter how many turn up, it’s always the right individuals that make it for the event. And as always, it not just a case of me teaching, everyone there had something to offer, and we all learned something from one another.


I forgot to take photos of the group before I left the workshop on this occassion, partially due to how the Angelic energies we had worked with had affected me. However before I left the Church I took a photo of Jimmy and few of the Church, and if you look closely you’ll notice “Spirit Lights” all about and place. I also captured a River Spirit on Camden Lock on the way home. See what you make of them.

Jeorge Asare-Djan

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