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On  Saturday the 24th September, I was invited to do a workshop on Angels at Eltham Spiritualist Church, which turned out to be a fabulous event. It was well attended, 14 attendees to the count, the location was great, Eltham SC is a beautiful little yellow and blue chapel, newly redecorated and full of character.


There was one unusual thing about the Eltham workshop, everyone that attended the workshop, where women! All 14 of them. I’ve done a few workshops now on Angels, and organised and attended a great deal more myself, and never have I seen a situation were everyone present was female, that in itself is quite amazing. Women tend to be more open to exploring the subject of Angels then men are, and it common to find workshops about Angels having a 60 / 40 split attendance in favour of women, but a 100% feminine turnout, well…I’ve never seen that before.


As with all of my workshops, the focus was on using art and creativity to unlock the inner voice within, the intuition, and learning to use the intuition as a bridge to connect with the inspiration of the Angels and the higher self. As well as looking at facts and lore of the Angelic realm.


The ‘Eltham Ladies’, seemed to get a lot out of this workshop, with many expressing that it was one of the best workshops they’d being to. High praise indeed! As with the workshop I did at South Woodford SC, early in August, many felt that my guided meditation to meet their Guardian Angels, was a particularly powerful experience. It’s good confirmation that people coming to my workshops are taking away something useful with them at the end of the experience, but also just as importantly they really enjoyed the experience..


Apart from the 100% female turnout, I was meet with another surprise when I walked through the doors of Eltham SC. An old friend I hadn’t seen in years was there also, the healer Kay Spain, it turned out that Eltham was her local church. Kay was a good friend of trance medium Maggie Jones, and would always turn up with her at Stockwell SC whenever Maggie Jones did a service or workshop ( that’s how I got to know Kay ). During the days when I organised workshops and special events at Stockwell SC, she would often offer to help out with healing whenever we needed to have healers for an event. It was good to see her again.


I’d like to says thanks, to the ‘Ladies of Eltham’ for attending and making it such a memorable workshop. And thanks to Shirley Vint, the president of Eltham SC, for inviting me to do the workshop. And thanks to Pat McNally for recommending me to Shirley in the first place.





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