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This Week's Fairy Oracle Card;Look Inside Yourself

This Week's Fairy Oracle
:Look Inside

makes me smile…

“Look Inside Yourself”

Look Inside Yourself

Card Meaning: You’ve been trying to find
satisfaction through outside sources such as material possessions or
relationships. You’re also looking for help from other people. The fairies ask
you to look within for the answers you need.

Description: Sometimes when you feel empty, your
first reaction is to try and fill up the emptiness by acquiring something or
someone. You may fall in the trap of thinking, “I’ll be happy if or when I have
(a new lover, an advanced degree, a better wardrobe, etc.). Then when you get
the new acquisition, you only feel satisfied for a little while. The fairies
remind you that the only source of true fulfillment is by connecting with Spirit
within. Have a mental conversation with your Creator, and feel yourself filled
with Divine love.

The same holds true if
you’re searching for answers from outside authorities. Now there’s nothing wrong
with seeking counsel from wise friends, especially if their advice echoes what
you know to be true. But perhaps you’ve been asking your friends, mentors, or
psychics for solutions, and you feel confused by conflicting advice. So, if
everyone is telling you different solutions, you’ll need to meditate on what
your inner guidance is telling you.

Affirmation: I
have great beauty and light inside of me right now. I tap in to all of the
knowledge of the Universe.

Source: Healing with
the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

*Wishing you all a beautiful




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Comment by Jeorge on July 23, 2011 at 0:06
Thank you Sharon, the right adive at the right time.

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